The City of Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh is 102 sq mi (264 km2). It has a population of 489,000, which makes it the second-most populous city in Scotland and the 7th in the United Kingdom.

Edinburgh includes former towns and villages that retain much of their original character as settlements in existence before they were absorbed into the expanding city of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Many areas, such as Dalry contain residences that are multi-occupancy buildings known as tenements, although the more southern and western parts of the city have traditionally been more affluent with a greater number of detached and semi-detached villas.

Demographics of Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a young population with almost 20% of its population in their 20s. This is exceeded only by Aberdeen. 15% of the population are in their 30s, which is the highest percentage in Scotland.

The countries accounting for the most Edinburgh residents born overseas are: Poland (2.7%), Republic of Ireland (8,600), China (8,000), India (6,500), Pakistan (5,900), United States (3,700), Germany (3,500), Australia (2,000), France (2,000), Spain (2,000), South African (1,800) and Canada(1,800).

Interestingly, 47% of the non-UK born population in the city are of European origin. This is the highest percentage of any UK city.